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An Ideal Base for Professional Sports

Kushava Sports Engineering was established in 1983. It is the biggest Sports Engineering and construction company in Southern Africa in all weather Sport Infrastructure. The company believes that sports pavements and flooring must be conceived according to the sports to be played on them. Different types of sports and their rules will define what we would call "regulation" characteristics, such as measurements and markings e.t.c. Pavements and flooring also need to be able to adapt to the players themselves, helping to improve athletes' performance and protecting them from possible injury. These are the "biomechanical" and sports safety aspects of pavements and flooring (impact-absorption, friction e.t.c).


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Among all of the solutions being tried in national and international markets for outdoor and indoor all weather sports courts and tracks, Kushava Sports Engineering offer the most well balanced set of these characteristics. Based on a base and sub-base, flexible infrastructure, asphalt pavement and rubberized finishes. KUSHAVA Sports Engineering guaranteed the right amount of "slide' and good resistance to abrasion, while still being aesthetically suitable. All of these factors contribute to players' comfort for both professional and novice players.
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Our Experience & Track Record

Kushava Sports Engineering know how, earned through many years of experience, as well as it’s ample knowledge of the latest technologies, allows it to produce highly developed products, able to take on any sports application even in sensitive protected areas.

We believe in sports safety and social development through precision Sports Engineering. Our operational systems emphasize on efficiency and environmental protection

The systems resilience a force absorption that means our all weather sports surfaces are more comfortable than any other type of sports surface with no strange effects being produced either by the player’s or balls movement during play.

Our Mission

  • To lead sports infrastructure engineering in the world
  • To inspire moments of optimism by brand and actions
  • To create value making difference where we engage
Our Commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in sports safety and social development through precision Sports Engineering. Our operational systems emphasize on efficiency and environmental protection.

  • Pillars Academy of Sports and Performance Arts

    Pillars Academy of Sports and Performance Arts funded by Kushava Sports Engineering provide the bridging foundation for sportsmen and artists' destined beyond the Olympics. the Academy is sponsored by Kushava Sports Engineering to develop junior sports and performance arts through scholarships, training and competition at high level. We believe in grassroots development.
  • Team Work, Bridging Foundation Support

    Sport is very important to life through the blessings of good health, good physique, good judgment, higher discipline and better achievement. Talent identified in youth is polished and strengthened to overcome difficulties, failings, fears, aspirations and ambitions. These affairs of youths are buttressed to prosperity with increased incomes through structured provision of sport facilities and management contracts.
  • The Benefits

    The aim of working with grass-roots youth talent development is to enable the stakeholders to benefit immensely from the talent. The academy will take into support scholarship and talent development in sports andperformance arts.
Over 30 Years Experience

Our Management

To achieve our mission, we have  a vibrant team that is led by these dedicated and visionary leadership.

Kwinisi Bwanali
Managing Director
Junerose Masara
Finance Director
Jonathan Tembo
Marketing Director