Get A Life

Get A Life

I stared on my screen she went on typing, from seconds to minutes until she dropped a thunderous text summed up in. You seem to no longer have time for me. I got so frustrated, nearly cursed myself for having lost a gem but I just had to calm myself as I didn’t want the person who was seated next to me to see that something was wrong. I just texted back with one emoji 👍🏿. I just continued talking to my colleague who was seated next to me until later I just said to him , Mudhara ndakumborara, mozondimutsawo tasvika

I just closed my eyes but to be honest I wasn’t really asleep. My mind was going through some battles and reflections and one message from Strive Masiyiwa from one of his sessions popped back, Get A Life Yes I said to myself that I needed to get a life.

 I had become so consumed with hustling, grinding, working and projects that I couldn’t even have enough time for myself. There wasn’t even enough time for my sleep, fun, entertainment, socializing and church. As I reflected further I noticed that my story wasn’t a unique one but was glad It had dawned to  me earlier.

Looking around I saw a lot of startups, business owners, CEO, managers, workers, hustlers and virtually everyone becoming so consumed in Chasing the dollars

Many a time we become so obsessed with making money that we even forget the very people we are working for. We mostly work because we want a better life and this life encompasses all those people around us and most importantly those close to us, our loved ones.

I think you have all heard of some people who were cheated by their partners because they were not giving them the attention they needed. We have all seen some  parents having way-ward and misguided children mostly because the parents were not there when their children needed them.

 I think you have seen some pastors and leaders so good there in the community, but back home their families are crying the loudest for them.

 Still we can even see CEOs, managers, executives, etc. going about speaking, having meetings right round the world when their organizations, companies, businesses, employees, subordinates are crying the loudest for their attention. Their homes are burning but it’s sad that they don’t realize it.

I remember one sermon by Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa were he warned about, Parents going about building wealth for their children which would destroy them if they don’t give them the inheritance in Christ

It’s true that sometimes we spend so much of our time acquiring material wealth for our loved ones when in actual fact the greatest we can give is Love. Now let’s take it further and see how they will respond to love.

Most of the times our parents spend so much resources pampering us with gifts when we need their love the most. Sometimes the children don’t even care whether you send them a Christmas gift from the Diaspora but as long as you not coming home to be with them, it will never be the same. Your spouse need you more than a Valentine’s or Birthday present.

Our parents and guardians need us the most more than the groceries we might send them. Moyo vekubara cherishes seeing their children more than their gifts.

Yes my fellow cadres, entrepreneurs, startups, hustlers, grinders, CEOs, Executives, Business owners, brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers; let’s Get A Life It will be painful to succeed in business matters when our social life, health and spirituality is in shambles.

 To be making millions or even billions when our children, parents, spouse, and family is crying for our love and attention. Let’s have time for shopping with family, lunch with our loved ones, going out for movies with  family, watching soccer, strolls in the park, help our kids and young ones with homework.

 Everyday I usually switch my phone for family  time. It is that time that matters the most. Remember the last words of Steve Jobs. He knew he had reached the epitome of success, but he still regretted because he didn’t get a life.

You can’t be a CEO in your own house. You either a mother or father, daughter or son, sibling or cousin. Enjoy the life with those who matter the most. In one of the books by Bob Proctor, he said, Love people and use money Do we still love people or we now love money.

 Loving money will lead to sin and regret  but loving people will save you and bring  joy. Getting A Life means loving people.

Coming out of my deep  thinking with a renewed mindset and conviction that I needed to get a life. That was after traveling close to 100kms and thanks for her rebuke as it helped me to understand life better. Sometimes you have to lose something to find yourself, though we later solved ourselves.

Whilst mine was just a dating relationship that was temporarily halted what more of those who had already made the vow. What more of those parents spending years trying to make a better material possession for their off-springs when in actual fact the kids wanting nothing more than seeing them and getting a hug with something like, My kids I love you

 I then take to remember one  touching song by Jah Pryzah  Tsamba when it goes like Muvaudze kuti ndanyora misodzi ichierera Just imagine the same with all our relationships from love, family, business, friends etc. sending us a note to remind us that we have neglected them 😭.

Just like me I had to introspect, apologize, change and reconcile. Today let’s just do the same with our families, spouses, kids, parents and guardians, partners. Are we getting a life for them, or we have become so consumed with chasing the dollar?

 If so, let’s go and apologize to those people and change for them. Your kids need you home, your spouse need you, your parents and guardians need you, your true friends need you more than the material possessions we tend to replace our presence with. Money will never replace love, so let’s give it generously.ou will be tempted to say, But we don’t eat love, Yes but Neither should we love money, but only people. Life is a matter of priorities and balance, If you prioritize Money, then you likely to lose a life, even the Bible reminds us that, The love of money, is the root of all evil.

You should not stop working, hustling, grinding, building your business, study or rise on the corporate ladder but it’s worthless to get it all whilst you lose the very same people you building the wealth for.

 Even to us the unmarried, the moment you just ask someone out, it means they now need the love and attention and they deserve it. So if we not ready then don’t date them. But that doesn’t stop us from caring for our families and friends and getting a life with them. In all the chasing for the Greens, let’s still find time for ourselves.

Life is meant to be  enjoyed. Sparing time for getting a life, will not mean neglecting your business, No but rather it even mean more effectiveness when you get to work on it and more awesome results.

I hope we will be better people with fulfilled lives. Success should encompass all aspects of our lives, be it social, monetary, health, spirituality, family. The rebuke allowed me to be honest with myself as I noticed that I was even denying myself some critical aspects of my life too, that was my health, spirituality and social and a few days I just had to pick up my phone, and talk like adults, and now she more than a friend and change partner.

 It’s only a fool, who rejects correction  Now I’m getting a life, more time with family, friends, entertainment, fun etc. and the results are awesome. There is even now more time for God now than ever. Still the time for my businesses and projects seems more than enough and more effective and productive. Yes ladies and gentlemen, let’s Get A Life

Coach Tinashe

I'm an avid blogger and speaker passionate about Personal Development and Content Marketing. Beyond the writing I am about taking myself and others to the next level in our personal and business settings through trainings and coaching too. I have also published my first book, 'KEY TO GREATNESS'

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