She Lost Everything

She Lost Everything

Her phone calls woke me up from my deep sleep, I don’t usually pick up phone calls very early in the morning especially when it’s an unknown number but this one tempted me. Imagine 11 missed calls and I didn’t have airtime to return the call, so I quickly dialed 179# . A shivering voice spoke on the other end, I could hear the tone that something was not well. She just had this to say, Xaaa Men Are Trash!!!!! I quickly related because I had warned my friend before. I just suspected it was him, yes as predicted, the wolf had finally shown it’s colours. The guy was a deceiver, an actor, romantic if I may say, that type of a guy whom every lady wished he could ask them out. Here was my friend, seemingly the lucky and pretty lady who finally found favour in the eyes of the charming Prince.

All hell had broke loose when they had gone out for some clubbing and the guy mistakenly left his phone unlocked in the car as he visited the gents. As always the curious friend of mine was just tempted to get a glimpse of her sweetheart’s private life. The Shona Proverb will go like , Ukatsvaga makudo mugomo and indeed she found the baboons she was looking for. The guy was having a running stomach, so she just assumed he would take long. As she got into his WhatsApp, she couldn’t believe what she saw, that’s when she realized Aaah I’m not the only one She quickly took screenshots and coming to the gallery, that is when she realized she was in The jaws of dinosaur It just confirmed she was among the ladies team. Quickly she sent all the images and screenshots to her phone via Shareit and deleted all the screenshots. The guy came back saying he wasn’t feeling very well, so they drove back home and my friend was dropped by her crib at around 11 PM.

Now she just had to confirm what she had seen as to her shock was the age of the boyfriend. His picture of the national ID confirmed he was older than his dad. I heard met him once when he offered us a lift in his Merc but I had already suspected that he was already over his 40s. His jokes could tell you that he had seen the liberation struggle. His style of music and dressing signalled that he was born way before independence.

The man was already a granddad but with a flock of little side chicks. The wife was even a respectable lady in the religious circles, in fact an evangelist who at one pointing time had offered her spiritual guidance when she lost her parents in an accident. Imagine the betrayal to her spiritual mother. The daughter was a fellow at a Christian Fellowship Group they attended together. She bumped into other pictures of him in erotic positions with her friends too. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing … A web of love controversies.

I remembered warning her against idea of dating the man, because my instinct had already sensed danger, but she had emphasized on , Xaaa ane twunhu twake. The guy could spent, from top to bottom, school stuff, food, airtime, gifts, outings etc. and he used to call me Mfanha tsano I remember him asking me to send him my CV that he would give me a top job at one of his companies. He literally did everything a man could do for his woman but something was odd with him. He used to tell the girl, Never call me , unless I do He looked young, energetic and preferred to be called by his first name, Tom.

My friend couldn’t stop crying and by 6 AM she was by my door. Jasper ndoita sei??? she muttered. I also felt for her, I imagined how she was in love with the seemingly young man, the charmer, energetic one and a great spoiler. For the first time she phoned him to say, I’m done with you, you betrayed me of which he calmly replied It’s OK, I’m coming to take my things

In no time the man was at her gate with his Bentley and a lorry and he meant it for real. I watched as his workers emptied her house. They took virtually everything from the sofas,TV set, fridges, stove, bed, handbags, stilettos, clothes etc. The most emotional part was when I saw her removing her sim card from the recently bought Iphone. I quickly hugged my friend as tears rolled down my cheeks and handed her my kachimbudzi

Sarah had been reduced to a church mouse in no time. All this happened in less than 24 hours. Its so true that your life can change in hours.

As I speak, she is the talk of the town. From high to low in less than a day. Apa mufanha tsano is still waiting for the job

This is pure creative and fictional work

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