I  quote Nelson Mandela when he said,

“One cannot be prepared for something whilst secretly believing that it will not happen”

Many of us, want to be successful but our minds keep on telling us that we cannot and we have believed it and this has prevented us from releasing that potential deep within us. Our minds have been conditioned to think that being successful with expose ourselves to a lot of accountability but the truth is that either way you are still being charged for your actions and you still going to be accountable for your life, so it’s better being accountable at the top than being bullied around at the bottom.

The truth is that if you are not successful no-one will even listen to you, no one will pay attention to your details, no one will even be worried about you and no one is even bothered about your presence, because to them you are valueless, you have nothing to offer, you are of little importance and you are just an underdog. This is a hard truth and I do not mean to pain or intimidate you but this is the truth that can make you get out of that comfortable bed with grief, put off that show and start finding your way to the top, switch off that radio and start listening to something positive, delete those contacts and start talking to people who add value to you, delete those social media accounts and start adding value to yourself, exit those Whatsapp groups and start joining communities that are productive.

Exit those WhatsApp groups and start joining communities that are productive.

I do mean that you all have to drive, that you all have to run for office, that you all have to do the same program, that you all have to afford the same lifestyle, that you all have to reach a certain level of material of acquisition in life before we call you successful, but as I said before it is all subjective. You have to find your niche and pursue you own arena, grow into that, add value into that, and improve yourself into that. It might be soccer, dribbling skills, public speaking skills, marketing skills, art and designing, boxing, tennis, singing etc. You can be successful in your own area, and remember it is not about competition, but being better than yesterday and remember that

Success is a journey and not a destination. 

Coach Tinashe

I'm an avid blogger and speaker passionate about Personal Development and Content Marketing. Beyond the writing I am about taking myself and others to the next level in our personal and business settings through trainings and coaching too. I have also published my first book, 'KEY TO GREATNESS'

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